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Studio Etiquette 

We appreciate your commitment to your wellbeing and are honoured to be a part of your journey. We believe that these policies are essential in creating a peaceful, clean and mindful environment that supports the practice that we hold dear.

Clifton House Etiquette Policies

Dear Students,

This handbook outlines the etiquette policies of Clifton House Wellness

These policies are put in place to ensure the safety, security, and well-being of all individuals who use the studio facilities, including clients, employees, and instructors.

  1. Arriving on Time:We kindly request that you arrive on time or even 15 minutes before the start of class. This will give you ample time to settle into the space and prepare yourself for the practice ahead. In the event that you do arrive late, we regret to inform you that you will not be able to enter the studio. We kindly remind you to plan accordingly and allocate enough time for your travels and to find parking at the studio. Your prompt arrival is greatly appreciated as it shows consideration for your fellow practitioners and helps maintain the peaceful atmosphere of our studio.
  2. Keeping Our Space Clean:We ask that you help us maintain a clean studio space by wiping down your mat and props after class, and disposing of any garbage or recycling in the designated bins.
  3. Respecting Others’ Space:We understand that the studio can get crowded during classes, and we try to keep our classes at a comfortable capacity. If the class is full, we will do our best to ensure that everyone has enough space to move freely. We encourage you to spread out in the studio if there is room, to avoid crowding or blocking others. 
  4. Honoring the Quiet Space: While we encourage chatter and connecting with others in our common areas, please respect the calmness of the studio by entering and laying on your mat quietly to settle in and prepare for your practice. You may set your space up and head back to the waiting area to chat before class if sitting in silence is hard. Your teacher will join you in the room right as class starts at the scheduled time. For some of our classes, it is okay to talk in the studio before class starts. We will have a sign outside the door to indicate whether you can chat in the studio or if the teacher would prefer a more peaceful environment 
  5. Mindful Bodily Functions Policy: We understand that bodily functions such as sneezing, coughing, or even passing gas can be a natural and normal occurrence during class. However, we kindly ask that you be mindful of the noise level of these bodily functions to ensure that they do not distract or disrupt other students during class. We understand that some situations may be out of your control, and we understand if this happens. However, if you feel that you may be more prone to loud or disruptive bodily functions, we encourage you to take measures to minimize their impact on others during class. For example, you may choose to step outside the studio briefly to sneeze or cough, or to release gas more quietly.
  6. Food/Drink Policy: We encourage our students to nourish themselves before and after class with healthy snacks and drinks. However, to maintain a clean and peaceful environment for all, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines: No food is allowed in the yoga studio, this includes snacks, meals, and chewing gum. Please consume your food and drinks in the designated areas, such as the waiting room outside the studio. Only non-alcoholic and non-carbonated drinks in sealable containers are allowed in the yoga studio (unless otherwise indicated during a special event). This includes water, herbal tea, or fresh juice. We ask that you avoid drinks that are strong in scent or flavour, as they can be distracting to other students.Please dispose of any trash or food waste in the designated receptacles. We encourage students to bring their own reusable bottles and containers to reduce waste.
  7. Turning off Electronics:We kindly request that you either leave your phone in the waiting area during class or turn it off or put it on silent mode before entering the studio. This is to ensure that you are not distracted during class. 
  8. Personal Belongings Policy:We want to provide a safe and secure space for all students to practice yoga. To help us achieve this goal, we kindly request that all personal belongings such as bags, jackets, and other items are stored in the designated storage areas provided. Please avoid bringing valuables into the studio and leave them at home or in a secure location. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items, and we want to ensure that all students feel comfortable and at ease during their practice. If you have any concerns regarding storage of personal belongings, please speak with a staff member or teacher for assistance. 
  9. Dress Code:We advise you to wear comfortable and appropriate clothing for movement, and we kindly ask that you avoid wearing strong perfumes or colognes. 
  10. Leaving Early:We encourage all students to stay for the entire duration of the class, including the final relaxation pose, Savasana. However, we understand that sometimes circumstances may arise where you need to leave the class early. If you do need to leave early, we kindly ask that you do so quietly and as inconspicuously as possible so as not to disturb other students. If you know that you will need to leave early before the class begins, we recommend that you position yourself close to the door and inform the teacher before class starts. This way, the teacher can ensure that you are not positioned in a way that will disturb other students if you need to leave. If for any reason you need to leave during Savasana, we ask that you do so before the pose begins. This is because Savasana is the most important and sacred part of the practice, and we want to ensure that all students can fully relax and benefit from this restorative pose. We encourage all students to prioritize their well-being and listen to their bodies. If you need to take a break during class or leave early, we understand and support your decision. We hope that you will always feel welcome and comfortable at Clifton House Wellness.
  11. Shoe Policy:To create a clean and hygienic environment, we kindly ask that all students remove their shoes before entering the studio. This helps to prevent dirt and germs from being tracked onto the yoga mats, which can affect the overall cleanliness of the studio and the health of our students. We provide designated areas for students to store their shoes and personal belongings. We recommend that you bring a pair of clean socks to wear during the class if you prefer not to practice barefoot. We understand that some medical conditions or religious beliefs may require you to wear shoes during the class. If this is the case, please inform the teacher before the class begins so that we can accommodate your needs.
  12. Practicing Within Your Limits and be Kind:We want you to listen to your body and practice within your own limits. We encourage you to celebrate your unique practice and not compare it to anyone else’s. You are here for you and remember, Like the saying says, everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind and respect others.
  13. Respectful Communication Policy:We want to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students at our studio. To help us achieve this goal, we kindly request that all communication during class and in common areas is respectful, inclusive, and free from derogatory language or behavior. We understand that differences in opinions and experiences may arise, but we ask that all students communicate in a way that promotes kindness, empathy, and mutual understanding. If you have any concerns or feedback regarding our studio or classes, we encourage you to speak with the teacher or staff directly in a respectful manner. 
  14. Pose Modification Policy:We value the safety and well-being of our students above all else. As such, we have implemented a Pose Modification Policy that aims to foster an inclusive and empowering yoga practice for all. Under this policy, our experienced teachers will encourage students to modify poses in a manner that best suits their individual needs and abilities. We believe that every body is unique, and our instructors will provide guidance to ensure that each student can experience the benefits of movement while minimizing the risk of injury. Moreover, we understand that some students may prefer a touch or no-touch policy during class. Therefore, we have established a system to respect these preferences and ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all. Our teachers will also offer modifications for poses as appropriate during class, providing options to students who may need additional support or are recovering from an injury. We believe that by offering these modifications, students can fully engage with their practice, improve their physical and mental well-being, and feel empowered to embrace their unique journey.

Our goal is to create a supportive and respectful community in the studio, and we appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a peaceful and mindful environment for all. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak with the teacher before or after class.

Thank You,

The Clifton House Wellness Team