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About Janet

Janet Charette

Janet Charette

Master Thetahealing Instructor

Janet Charette is our resident Master Thetahealing Instructor.  As a natural empath, retired children’s librarian and grandmother she loves to help people give themselves permission to step into their power.  

Janet supports her clients by holding  a space of loving, neutral compassion that encourages them to voice the trapped emotions that they have been ignoring. By honouring, validating, acknowledging, the truth it can be released. She helps you get to a place where you can laugh again. She can witness the release of stored drama/trauma and the creation of new neuropathways and new choices for your life.

She can teach or arrange for a teacher for many thetahealing and Access Consciousness courses.  Janet can also arrange a Namasplay VIP pilot project incubator experience so you can write that book, create that retreat, teach that course, deliver that signature talk or even sing at an open mike at the local pub.

It’s all about you and helping you give yourself permission to step up and show up …..

Her coaching packages cover all the steps from surviving to thriving.  

1. Bubble Bust, Readjust

Janet uses her Compassion Key and Theta Healing tools to get you back into your body to recover from the pain and trauma. 

2. Namasplay ThetaBoosts – Reality Changers

Using safe Compassion Key and Theta Healing tools to heal forward (once the trauma has been addressed), turns the impossible to I’m possible.

3. High Performance – Lock and load, project execution coaching.

All about you, specific project execution, everything to keep you focused, on track, belief busting, bringing in what’s needed for you to step up, show up, get er done and knock it out of the ballpark. 

4. Lazer Coaching –

Mindset Thermostat Resets I Deserve, Witnessing, manifesting and ensuring you are motivated and energized continually – accountability check-ins, quick readjustments, helps you easily, joyfully stay purposefully on track and in control.

Testimonials from Janet’s Compassion Key coaching site:

Janet is very gifted! She knows how to get to the heart of the issue and dig it out with compassion. I laughed, I cried, and I felt at peace. Janet is a rising star! 

—Fran R from Salmon Arm, B.C  ★★★★★

Janet is truly gifted with compassion. She was able to hold space for me as I worked through some deep emotions. In a gentle way she helped bring the truth to those emotions . So that I could move past my feeling of stuck and find clarity of what my soul wanted. Thank you ever so much Janet what a gift to the world you are!

—Darlene T. in Langley B.C. ★★★★★

My session by Janet was very liberating to experience, in such a way that enabled me to respond to choices freed of obligations. It’s made a difference in allowing me to make wiser decisions from the heart rather than the mind attempting to be in the driver seat sort of speak. Thank You!

—Callie L.    ★★★★★

Janet guided me to release emotional pain in such a graceful way. I am so grateful to learnt and experience how to let go of past emotional baggage. I highly recommend Janet’s sessions to learn how to let go and truly forgive yourself and others. Freedom is experience after this kindred work. So grateful!

—Neus V. in Valencia, Spain   ★★★★★