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About FitYoga


Discover how FitYoga can change your life.

FitYoga is a Dynamic Power Vinyasa Flow sequence that fuses creative flows, powerful holds, and Pilates-inspired core exercises into a unique sequence. FitYoga was developed in 2010 by Balazs Heller, former gymnastics & European Yoga Asana Champion, with the aim to create an integrative dynamic sequence that would welcome a wide audience of western yoga practitioners.

FitYoga will help you to empower yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually and to bring a high level of faith, trust, truthfulness, transparent communication, patience, humility, respect and compassion into your private and professional life.

FitYoga is designed for people who want the relaxing, releasing and rejuvenating effect of yoga while having a physically demanding core work-out using Pilates and Fitness Elements (Muscular strengthening / Flexibility / Cardiovascular Fitness).

FitYoga provides a spiritual transformation to connect with your higher self and fulfill your mission in life. It integrates traditional with modern, scientific with spiritual, practical with theoretical.

Balazs Heller FitYoga

Image of Balazs Heller

The Benefits of Yoga

Mind & Body

Strengthen and tone. As your body grows stronger, so will your mind. You will develop increased focus, patience, and self-awareness.

Connect you to your Divine

The calmness, the Namastes, the calls to relaxation, reflection, and meditation will soon have you thinking and feeling more “spiritual” – in whatever form that takes for you.

Relieve Stress

BREATHE. Yoga teaches you to breathe differently. Breath gives you the power to control your emotions in many situations, including moments of stress.

Just Be.

Yoga gives you time just for you, to disconnect and just BE. Your yoga session will make you a better person, mentally and physically.

Relieve Pain

Numerous studies have proven the effects of yoga on patients with back pain, arthritis, difficult pregnancies, headaches, heart disease, and so much more.


Yoga is excellent for toning and strengthening. FitYoga, with its unique dynamic Power Vinyasa Flow sequence, will challenge your body and your mind.