four pregnant individuals in a cross-legged seated position, with hands resting, palms up, on their knees

"Awaken and Illuminate" Full Moon Ceremony

Join us as we gather and celebrate the last full moon of winter tapping into the beautiful rhythm of Mother Earth as she awakens from deep winter rest to prepare for spring 🙂

We’ll come together with intention for a loving, grounding and supportive ceremony. Misha guided us through two beautiful Full Moon rituals in January and February which allowed us to kick start 2023 at Clifton House with an inspiring group of women. They left the ceremony feeling centered, blissful, connected and with a profound sense of belonging. We are excited for this next offering to continue to dive deeper into our self awareness as Misha guides each of us on our healing journey towards self love, balance, compassion, and ease.

We’ll gather on March 4th from 6 until 9:30 pm for an evening of supportive discussion, insight, ritual, breathing, grounding exercises, self reflection, gentle restorative yoga, tea and light refreshments. This facilitated ceremony encourages us to go inward tapping into our intuition and syncing up our rhythm with Mother Earth and Grandmother moon. Attendees will receive a small gift from TRULUV Wellness and will be entered for a door prize. Misha will also have TRULUV products available at this event such as hoodies, toques and bath teas.

Treat yourself to this amazing event! You’ll walk away feeling rejuvenated, deeply connected, and more in alignment with your true essence. Last month’s event sold out if you feel called to join us, don’t hesitate to register!

Over night accommodations are available at Clifton House with shared or private rooms with a light breakfast in the morning. Option to add on a sauna session for a full night away experience. Simply message for more information on spending the night with us!

We welcome you and are excited to share space under the March Worm Full Moon as we Awaken and Illuminate the light within.