Yoga Classes

Our yoga studio is open!  We’re so excited to welcome you back.

Yoga Offerings at Clifton House


We are open for in-studio classes.  Our new Fall schedule is posted now with new classes and times!

You’re also welcome to enjoy our library of pre-recorded FitYoga classes at any time, free of charge.  Stay strong, do something that makes your heart happy!

Three individuals doing forward folds while seated on yoga mats

Aligned Flow (60 min)

Alignment-based Hatha Yoga encourages mindful movement of the body into its optimal alignment.  Each 60-minute class will have time for fun and dynamic Vinyasa flows, as well as time to slow down and explore postures in greater depth, allowing students to get to the heart of the pose.

Three people seated cross-legged, with hands resting on their knees, palms up

All Levels Yoga (60 min)

Wanting to try a class but afraid it will be too hard or you won't know what to do? Maybe you've lost your practice over the last few months and you want to ease back into your yoga classes?   
This class will be a gentle class BUT will still get your heart rate up, work with your flexibility and challenge you!

a group of individuals in plank pose

Baby & Me Yoga (60 min)

Connect with your little one while getting some "me time". Gentle stretching, flows, movement and breath work. Non mobile babies please. Crying, laughing, pooping and peeing is going to happen - learning to go with the flow and being present in the moment will be the focus of our sessions.

a group of individuals in plank pose

FitYoga (60 or 90 min)

FitYoga provides both the relaxing, releasing, and rejuvenating effect of yoga and a physically demanding core work-out that incorporates elements from Pilates for increased muscular strengthening, flexibility and overall cardiovascular fitness. 60 and 90 min classes available.

Freeflow (90 min)

Freeflow is a creative hatha yoga class that varies week to week.  We will flow with a focus on breath as the ground, the soundtrack for your practice. 

Join Nina for 90 minutes of asana, pranayama, and inner work.

An yoga practitioner in child's pose

Gravity Yoga (60 min)

Do you have locked-up hips?  Tight hamstrings?  Stiff lower back?  Gravity Yoga is a targeted mobility training method that works to open up your body.  Great as a supplement to other practices such as running, CrossFit, weight training, or other yoga practices.

four pregnant individuals in a cross-legged seated position, with hands resting, palms up, on their knees

Prenatal Yoga (60 min)

Prenatal yoga encourages stretching, mental centering and focused breathing to improve sleep, reduce stress, increase strength and decrease lower back pain, nausea, headache, and shortness of breath while allowing you to meet and bond with other pregnant individuals.

Strength & Stretch (90 min)

Strength & Stretch starts with 45 minutes of the ultimate sweat session to get your heart pumping, release toxins, build strength and endurance, followed by a 45 minute wind down designed to increase your flexibility with targeted mobility training for full body healing. 

A group of individuals in child's pose

Drop-In & Multi-Class Passes Available

Single class purchases are available at the drop-in rate of $14 per class.  Multi-class passes are also available at $120 for 10-classes or $200 for 20-classes.  

Multi-class passes are non-transferable, have no expiry date, and are good for all offerings listed in the MindBody app.  Contact Sarah at for additional details.

Why Join Us

Find Your Balance

Clifton House Wellness Studio is an open, welcoming community space. We are a non-judgmental and inclusive studio for beginner and experienced yoga practitioners. Our wellness classes and workshops are designed to help those seeking balance of mind and body. Everybody is welcome. Please be mindful if you are not feeling well and stay home until you are feeling better. Masks are to be worn in all common areas until you are on your mat or in your private service.