Classes & Workshops

Please note all classes and sessions are offered online only during this time that we are all affected by COVID-19.

Our Classes

Yoga, Meditation and Holistic Healing


A Full Mind-Body-Spirit workout in a unique sequence to fuel your soul and make you sweat with pleasure. All practitioners welcome.



Yoga has enormous benefits physically, mentally and spiritually. 



Healing & Wellness

Physical and emotional balance. Our instructors offer sessions and workshops including Reiki, Theta healing, stretching, and more. 


We regularly add new instructors and classes, so please check back frequently. Class descriptions are listed below. Scroll down to see upcoming Workshops. If you’re looking for our current Schedule, please click here.

Why Join Us

Find Your Balance

Clifton House Wellness Studio is an open, welcoming community space. We are a non-judgmental and inclusive studio for beginner and experienced yoga practitioners. Our wellness classes and workshops are designed to help those seeking balance of mind and body.