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Yoga Classes

Our yoga studio is open!  We’re so excited to welcome you back.

Yoga Offerings at Clifton House


We are open for in-studio classes and back to regular class sizes. Masks are no longer required and please stay home if you are feeling unwell. We are excited to breathe and move, ground and connect with everyone again. The space is clean and fresh and full of magic once again.  Our full schedule is posted and all classes can be signed into ahead of class time. You can now book and pay for all classes and workshops online easily on our website. 

New members always welcome. Clifton House is so much more then just a yoga studio. Each class is taught by knowledgeable and engaged instructors who care about their students.  We invite you to come and feel the love and light that is Clifton House Wellness Studio.

You’re also welcome to enjoy our library of pre-recorded FitYoga classes at any time, free of charge.  Stay strong, do something that makes your heart happy!

a group of individuals in plank pose

Blissed Out (75 min)

A balanced and restorative practice to ease you out of your thoughts and into sensation. We begin with a gentle slow flow to open the energetic channels in the body and finish with restorative yin poses to nourish you on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  Rest and restore on over-drive. 

a group of individuals in plank pose

Yoga for "Littles" (45 min) 4-7yrs

This class will be taught using imaginative storytelling. Children may pretend to be pirates, mermaids, or animals in the jungle as they move through the poses and concentrate on their breathing. This “Littles” Yoga series  will help body awareness and alignment, improves focus, and help to build strength and confidence.
four pregnant individuals in a cross-legged seated position, with hands resting, palms up, on their knees

Prenatal Yoga (60 min)

Prenatal yoga encourages stretching, mental centering and focused breathing to improve sleep, reduce stress, increase strength and decrease lower back pain, nausea, headache, and shortness of breath while allowing you to meet and bond with other pregnant individuals.


four pregnant individuals in a cross-legged seated position, with hands resting, palms up, on their knees

Yoga for "Balance" (45 min) 8-12 yrs

This 6 week series will promote healthy development in our youth by guiding them through regulating their emotions, managing their stresses and most of all, having fun while being creative. Be part of a Yoga Community of Friends through: Partner Yoga, Dance, Drama, Music, Movement, Arts and Crafts, Nature, Acrobatics and so much more……
a group of individuals in plank pose

FitYoga (60 or 90 min)

FitYoga provides both the relaxing, releasing, and rejuvenating effect of yoga and a physically demanding core work-out that incorporates elements from Pilates for increased muscular strengthening, flexibility and overall cardiovascular fitness. 60 and 90 min classes available.

A group of individuals in child's pose

Drop-In & Multi-Class Passes Available

Single class purchases are available at the drop-in rate of $17 per class.  Multi-class passes are also available at $139 for 10-classes.  Membership options are also available – lets meet and chat about which options are best for you! All prices do not include HST. Classes taught as a series must be purchased before the class begins. Drop-ins are not an option for a pre-registered series unless agreed upon by the instructor if there are available spots. 

All class series, class passes or single drop in classes can be purchased online when you sign in to a class. We use Momence for an easy and seamless customer experience. We are all about less stress right?!?